Monster Cubby House is a 2006 crayon picture made by a small child named Cole, produced by Crayola and distributed by his proud parents, the image depicts a neighborhood terrorized by a demonic plastic house that can be cought at Bunnings for around 50 bucks. The film stars Dean the Machine, Chunky Smurf, The Goblin King, and Mr Boiko Bobinski. The characters are drawn primarily utilising random scribbles on a page. Monster Cubby House received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed over $140 million worldwide.

Man, this plot would make a great movie!Edit

The parents of six-year-old Dean the Machine Tipping leave town for the weekend, leaving him in the care of his babysitter, Yee. Dean the Machine has been spying on his elderly neighbor The Goblin King, who confiscates any item landing in his yard. After Dean the Machine's best friend Chunky Smurf loses his Buzzaball (shoutout to Lachlan James Buzza) on The Goblin King's lawn, Dean the Machine is caught by The Goblin King trying to recover it, but the enraged owner apparently suffers a heart attack and is taken away by an ambulance. That night, Dean the Machine receives phone calls from the house with no one on the other end. Eavesdropping on Yee's boyfriend Scurvy Mccrack, Dean the Machine hears him tell Yee about losing his sanity on The Goblin King's lawn when he was a child, and that The Goblin King supposedly ate his wife while scurvy mccrack watched. 

Shortly afterwards, Sk8er boi sees his dead parents in the doorway of The Goblin King's house, but he is consumed by the house while retrieving it. Meanwhile, Dean the Machine meets up with Chunky Smurf, and the two investigate the house, but flee when it comes alive and attacks them. The next morning, a large russian male named Mr Boiko Bobinski (phD) is selling Halloweencandy. Dean the Machine and Chunky Smurf see her going to The Goblin King's house, and rush out to save her from being eaten. Mr Boiko Bobinski calls her mother, and the police, but is not believed. 

The trio consult Reginald "Skull" Skulinski, a supposed expert on the supernatural. They learn the house is a rare monster created when a human soul merges with a man-made structure, and that it can only be killed by destroying its heart. They conclude that the heart must be the furnace and Chunky Smurf provides a cold medicine-filled dummy that should cause the house to sleep long enough for them to douse the furnace. Police Officers Squidward Tennisballs and Bling Bling Boy thwart their plan and they are arrested when Squidward Tennisballs finds the cold medicine stolen from Chunky Smurf's father's pharmacy inside the dummy. The house then eats the officers and their car in which Dean the Machine, Chunky Smurf, and Mr Boiko Bobinski have been shut.

When the house falls asleep, the kids begin exploring. In the basement they find a collection of toys accumulated from The Goblin King's lawn, as well as a door that opens to a shrine containing the body of The Goblin King's wife, a balloon with eyes on it, encased in cement. The house realizes they are inside and attacks them. Dean the Machine, Chunky Smurf, and Mr Boiko Bobinski force the house to vomit them outside by grabbing its uvula. The Goblin King arrives home alive, revealing that a balloon with eyes on it's spirit is within the house and that he did not eat her but instead had given her some of the happiest times in her life. As a young man, he met a balloon with eyes on it, then an unwilling member of a circus freak show, and fell in love with her despite the fact it's just a balloon with eyes awkwardly placed near the middle. After he helped her escape, they began building the house. One Halloween, as children tormented her due to the fact she was a balloon, a balloon with eyes on it tried chasing them away but lost her balance and slowly floated to her death in the basement. The Goblin King had finished the house, knowing it was what she would have wanted but, aware that a balloon with eyes on it's spirit made the house come alive, he pretended to hate children to keep them away.

Dean the Machine tells The Goblin King it is time to let a balloon with eyes on it go, but the house overhears this. Enraged, it breaks free from its foundation and chases the group to a construction site. The Goblin King attempts to distract the house so he can dynamite it, but the house notices and attacks him. Chunky Smurf fights it off with his bare hands, and Dean the Machine is given the dynamite. While Chunky Smurf distracts the house, Dean the Machine and Mr Boiko Bobinski climb to the top of a crane, and Dean the Machine throws the dynamite into the chimney, causing the house to explode. The trio then see The Goblin King with a balloon with eyes on it's ghost before she ascends into the afterlife. Dean the Machine apologizes to The Goblin King for his losses, but The Goblin King thanks the kids for freeing him and his wife from being trapped for 45 years. Later, children in their Halloween costumes are lined up at the site of the house, where Dean the Machine, Chunky Smurf, and Mr Boiko Bobinski help return the toys to their owners. Mr Boiko Bobinski's mother picks her up, and Dean the Machine and Chunky Smurf go trick-or-treating, which they previously felt they were too old for. Those who were eaten by the house never return, and are a place far worse than any hell one could possibly imagine.