Kevin the dog
Dog breaks the wind
Full Name: Kevin
Gender: Male
Relationships: Unknown
Homeplace: Mayville, Wisconsin, USA
Age: Unknown
Appeared in: Monster House
Species: Dog
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: None

Kevin the dog is a character in Monster House. It walked to Nebbercracker's lawn, squatted down and started peeing. Because it was peeing, the house noticed it and got angry. After Kevin farted the house yanked her in it's mouth and ate Kevin.


-> Kevin is a boys name so one could assume the dog is male, however: female dogs can also be called Kevin, it is a genderneutral dog name. Most people seem to think Kevin is female. In the end however, it does not really matter as Kevin is not in the movie that long and everyone should just decide for themselves. the dog’s name was never said in the film and owne is unknown. The dog appear in the D game version of the film and does not appear in the GameCube and GBA versions of the film. It is unknown is the dog was going to appear in the app game version (since it is not Avlible anymore is also unknown) it is unknown is the dog is going to appear in the Xbox version of th film since it was cancelled.

(due to poor sales of the system.)


House gobbles up dog

The house eats Kevin